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Yanks Begin ‘2nd Half’ with Focus on Keeping the Streak Alive

The Yanks enter the next phase of the season needing a blistering run to get to the playoffs for the 14th straight year. They sit at 50-45 and in 3rd place in the AL East at the All-Star break.  There are 67 games left (32 of them at home) and to get to last year’s 94 wins will require a .656 pace. The talent is there and the team has endured many injuries but remain in striking distance. Some key injuries and trip to the DL Include:

Player              Position            Injury
P. Hughes            SP                  Rib
I. Kennedy           SP                  Back
H. Matsui            OF                  Knee
J. Damon             OF                  Shoulder
C. Wang              SP                  Foot
B. Bruney            RP                  Foot

2 Responses

  1. kennedy actually has a strained lat muscle which is in the back…not the leg…FYI

  2. Looking foward to the 2nd Half of this season. After a rain out and work obligations protecting the city water supply I am finally going to be able to visit the sacred grounds of Yankee Stadium before it is closed. Looking foward to this outing.

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