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July 31 – Pudge in Pinstripes! and Farewell to Farnsie

(Bronx, NY) – Brian Cashman’s July cell phone bill is going to be high as he added a 4th member to the squad in this month alone landing Pudge Rodriquez (C) from Detroit in exchange for Kyle Farnsworth (RP).  Feel free to say your good-byes to Farnsie, welcome Pudge or give your overall thoughts right here on this trade and the others right here at FNY.  Also the Manny rumors!


3 Responses

  1. everytime i saw the bullpen door open up and farsnie come running to the mound, my blood pressure rose…we have an awesome bullpen with the maturation of veras and ramirez, and the addition of marte…and we needed a catcher after jorge went under the knife and molina (while outstanding behind the dish) is not hitting his weight…basically, we dealt from a position of strength to fill a need…GREAT DEAL MR CASHMAN

  2. I love the drama on the Manny trade. As of this Post FoxSports.com and ESPN say the deal is dead while Yahoo says it is 50-50 and the talks are ‘complicated and fluid’. Nice to see the circus has moved east and up the I-95 Turnpike.

    Even if he does not leave Boston it remains questionable how his presence will affect the club. We’ve seen chaotic clubs like the A’s and Yankees in the 1970’s do well while we’ve seen others struggle with all the issues and distractions.

  3. So what do you guys make of the deal yesterday. As the 4pm deadline approaches – do you think we’ll get another deal in time such as a starting pitcher ( Washburn). With Kennedy and Hughes fast approaching the majors…help is def on the way.

    I’m going to say – Pudge is a good move – with Posada’s grim news. It is the absolute best fit with our critical needs on the mound – maybe not. But Pudge def catches a good game and improves pitchers and their counts.
    Molina def has the better arm, and is a great defensive catcher, but his bat is abismal. Pudge prob has a mediocre to good bat these days.
    I read in the dailynews that farnsworth was crying yesterday after Giardi and Cashman giving him the news. Farnsworth was improving, but I felt the confidence wasn’t there, and he wasn’t getting an younger. Nonetheless, a hard throwing pitcher leaving the staff is def not a great thing

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