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Aug 7 – NY Jets Plan Takeoff with Farve

(Florham Park, NJ) – While this is a baseball blog we do owe a moment to brother teams in the area and the big news about Brett Favre coming to the New York Jets is too large to pass over.  And there is a possibility that we will get more comments on this than on the Yanks!  Anyhow post your thoughts if you wish.

Meanwhile the Yanks got a big 5-3 win against the Texas Rangers with a solid outing from Sidney Ponson (now 7-2) and the current #2 (Derek Jeter) providing some big hits and Mariano getting the save.  Earlier in the day the captain and the rest of the Yankee family attended a memorial service for the old #2, Bobby Murcer and the game was dedicated in his memory.  The Yanks sit at 62-52 and remain in 3rd place in the AL East.  In other moves: officially Joba was placed on the 15-day Disabled List with rotator cuff tendinitis.  Ian Kennedy will take his spot in the rotation.


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  1. order your superbowl tickets now boys…that cheating bastard bellicheck and the pats are going down!!!

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