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Sep 12 – Pre-Game Tradition: Stadium Pizza

(Bronx, NY) – With the game against the Tampa Rays eventually rained out (the 2nd one for the Friday Night Package this year), the few of the crew that ventured out did make it to Stadium Pizza in hopes of a possible game and to maintain the pre-game tradition.  Section 22 members were Brendan, John, James, Emmett and Tom, with Mike O’Rourke as a guest.  Michelle and company also were part of the refreshments review.  Topics ranged from baseball (and roster predictions for 2009) to the election and politics but a good time was had by all.  And we raised a a few doo-dah chants, especially for the visiting St. Louis Cardinals and Cubs fans.

There are now still 10 more games ever in the old Yankee stadium and the Yanks will play two on Saturday Sep. 13th against the first place Rays.


3 Responses

  1. on the other topic from last nite, i will also be voting mccain/palin b/c i’m not in favor of taking more $$$ out of my paycheck and giving it to people who are too lazy to work

  2. if i were cashman, and this is not me lobbying for his job…my lineup next yr would be as follows:
    damon lf, jeter cf, rodriguez 3b, texiera 1b (free agent from laa), nady rf, matsui dh, posada c, cano 2b, jack wilson (pitts) or some other slick fielding ss (trade ian kennedyand or melky)
    the pitching staff is as follows:
    sp – sabathia (free agent from mil), wang, mussina, chamberlain, hughes (i would also sign another veteran starter whos rehabbing from injury like boston always does)
    bullpen- rivera, marte, veras, edwar ramirez, robertson (also have some internal options from the minors like melancon)

    i think that i have boosted the pitching staff even though they werent the problem this yr…i think that i have also strengthened the defense which has been on the decline for the past few seasons…the offense has good professional hitters which take pitches, move runners and hit the occasional dong

  3. Glad to see the Section 22 Shirts were worn proudly!

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