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Oct 1 – GM Brian Cashman Extended to 2011

(Bronx, NY) – During the next month or so the site will post various articles for comments if you’d like as the next round of moves, trades, signings  (or not) occur.  First up:  The Yanks extended Brian Cashman with a new 3-year deal.  While many believe this signals a further commitment to re-building the team through player development (and Cashman’s desire to see if his bets will pay off) it is also widely expected that at least 2 or more large free-agent signings will also occur.  If you like this decision or not comment away.

In other news the 2009 playoffs begin today.  Feel free to pick the winners of each divisional series:

  • Rays – White Sox
  • Angels – Red Sox
  • Phillies – Brewers
  • Dodgers – Cubs

2 Responses

  1. I just hope the Red Sox lose big time!

  2. I am okay with Cashman returning. Not sure there were to many better options. I do hope he has learned from the recent mistakes and will use more judgment on some of these decisions to come.

    on the playoff series: I pick the Rays, Angels, Phillies and Cubs.

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