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Oct 2 – By The Numbers

(Montebello, NY) – A quick and final look at some of the 2008 numbers.  At the All-Star break the Yanks sat at 50-45, a .526 pace, and 5 games over .500.  To get to 94 wins they were going to need a torrid pace. They actually did play better in the 2nd half and wound up 39-28, a .582 pace and 11 games over .500, over the last 67 games.  They closed with a great 12-3 run over the last 15 games but it was far too late.  Ironically their 89-73 record was better than the LA Dodgers or the Chicago White Sox who made the dance but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  And they equaled the cross-town rival Mets with the same record.

Just about all the offensive numbers were down vs. 2007.  Homers fell from 201 to 180, Runs scored dropped to 789 from 968, the most severe of them all.  Their team ERA actually improved to 4.28 from 4.49 but the overall pitching was a challenge all year and combined with such a drop in runs, well the results speak for themselves.  The year is in the books and we can or should only improve in 2009.


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