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Nov 20 – It’s Official! Mike Mussina Retires

ny-jersey-logo(Bronx, NY) – The Big Moose hung up his cleats today ending the speculation.  He went out in style with a 20-win season and now the Yanks can focus even more on their rotation.  In related news earlier in the week Darrell Rasner’s contract was sold to a Japanese club.  In other pitching news an offer has been made to CC Sabathia while rumors state an offer to AJ Burnett is coming soon.  See today’s poll when you have a moment as well.


8 Responses

  1. Not a good postseason pitcher?!?! Why do you think the Yanks offered him such a large contract….his 97 ALCS was legendary and one of reasons Yankees went after him so hard…15 innings…one run…25 strikeouts…orioles didn’t score a run in either start….can’t just look at wins and losses sometimes…Plus his two signature moments(to this day- still my favorite two playoff games I ever watched) as a Yankee both came in the playoffs- Game 3 in Oakland in 2001….he shut down Oakland while the Yankees were down 2-0 in Divison Series and facing elimination….we come back and win series…game is more famously known for Jeter’s flip to plate….Game 7 against boston…he came in down 4-0 in game and shut Red Sox down for 3 innings….we later won game on Boone hitting his yahtzee off Wakefield….he was a good postseason pitcher- who was borderline dominant at times and its unfortunate that he didn’t capture a ring in his career….

    The twenty win thing bothers me too….he was an awesome pitcher on a bad team in the 90’s….In 94 he had 16 wins in 24 starts in 1994, 19 wins in 32 starts in 1995 (both strike shortened years that he missed starts because of….and 19 wins in 1996 in 36 starts….left last game of season with lead and Benitez blew lead in 9th….so in 94 he would have had about 11 more starts to get 4 wins…95 another three or so starts to get one win…. If he had 4 20 win seasons would you feel differently?

    First year of eligibility will be hurt by possibly Glavine, Smoltz, and Shilling all possibly retiring as well but I think Moose will eventually make it in…

    PLUS he pitched his entire career in the American League East…unlike say, Maddux who never dared to come to AL….he pitched in the steriod era and made it to 270 wins ( 117 more than he lost) and like Brendan said before…270 is going to look more impressive every year that goes by since the age of 300 winners is likely over…

    He got 20 wins in 2008 which was truly remarkable at this stage in his career….and is just walking away at 270 wins…which also goes to show you he is a guy who truly has his priorities straight in life (hall of fame on alot of levels)…not that his character matters in hall of fame votes….but I do believe walking away on top of your game counts for something…

    Read Living in the Black before the 2008 season this year- it was very good and recommend it.

    Alright its getting late….go Jets…go Yankees….go Moose!

    ****Sorry to dissapoint all- but he should probably go in as an Oriole…

    ****I think what will hurt his case is- I would never say you feared him the way you did Clemens, Johnson, or say Pedro….

  2. I stand corrected (thanks Tom), 4 people agree with me…Happy Thanksgiving all!

  3. Tom, unlike the ramblings of the other bozo on this posting, my respect for your opionins runs deep, but 7 voters agree with me!

  4. I have to side with the guy that pitches (Brendan) on this one and think Jimmy Kickass got kicked in the head. When Mussina enters the Hall he will be the only pitcher with 100 more wins than losses. and who’s to say that Mattingly not in the Hall is right either? way too much focus on championships or post-season performance. If we place so much value on that than A-Rod is going to have some trouble scaring up some votes given his post-season numbers or lack thereof. Mikey M. will make it!

  5. Moose in the post-season: 7-8 — give all the stats you want, his teams lost.

    I tackle the win total brendan tossed out with the following:
    Schilling’s sock deserves to be in — Schilling does not — that guy sucks and has had a mediocre career.

    Smoltz is a stud! If you’re going to talk wins with him, you should also mention that he’s got 150+ saves! He’s a stud and he gets in! — you can’t compare him to Moose — Smoltz is in another category.

    ps Brendan blows!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. to correct the earlier post, moose’s era was actually a little bit lower (i think it was 3.40???) in the post season and he averaged more than a strikeout an inning in the post season (which is a higher k rate than his regular season number).

    there are two types of players that get into the hall of fame. sandy koufax was a dominant player for a relatively short period of time before his career was cut short due to injury. moose was the classic example of a compiler. he was a very good player for an extraordinary length of time. There is definitely something to be said for staying healthy and maintaining a high standard of play for 18 yrs.

    due to the 5 man rotation, and the specialization of pitchers, we have likely seen our last 300 game winner. considering how we handle pitchers now, 270 wins looks pretty good. 5 yrs from now, moose’s 270 is going to look even better.

    does everyone think that john smoltz and curt schilling are hall of famers??? moose has more wins than both of them. put him in the hall!!!


  7. I think Mike Mussina was a good pitcher in the steroid era! Unfortunately I don’t think he is a hall of fame pitcher because he has only 1 20 win season. Mike Mussina didn’t win any championships as a New York Yankees however! I wish him luck spending time with his family! Mike Mussina never won a Cy Young in his careers! Mike Mussina always took the ball on most occasions even when he was aching and injured unlike the American Idle Carl Pavano1

  8. I love the guy as much as you guys do and although I would have loved to have seen him in the league to pick up 300 Ws (preferrably with another team) I’m glad the guy went out on top and as a Yankee.

    That said, I think the rose-colored glasses need to come off — his stats are near great, but only near great — 1 20 W season, Mediocre/borderline horrible performance in the Post-Season — NO championships, and no Cy Youngs…7 gold gloves is awesome — but didn’t Mattingly have a bunch as well?

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