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Nov 28 – Pitching Still a Priority

yankees-logo-script(Bronx, NY) – So far the only major signing has been Nick Swisher while the CC Sabathia offer remains on the table.  Since the Mussina Retirement post generated a new record for comments today’s poll will also turn to a veteran pitcher and a question:


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  1. with the retirement of the moose, the yanks def need to bring back andy pettite…to date, they only have 3 starting pitchers under contract for 2009 (wang, joba, and hughes) and 2 of those you cant really count on b/c they have never completed the marathon…even though his skills are somewhat diminished, he is still a quality #4 starter with big game experience (he is still a shoe in for 180+ innings and 12-14 wins)…that being said, i wouldnt give him 16 million again, i think 8-12 million for 1 season is sufficient…

    we desperately need to sign CC, and the rotation should look like this moving forward:

    1.) CC SABATHIA (empty the vault if necessary)
    3.) AJ BURNETT / DEREK LOWE (we will prolly sign 1 of these 2 but beware…burnett is younger and has better “stuff” but has injury risk, lowe is old (36???) and coming from the offensively challenged N.L. not sure how he would handle the adjustment back to the AL)
    4.) ANDY PETTITE (1 yr deal at 8-12 mil.)
    5.) JOBA CHAMBERLAIN / PHIL HUGHES (although i would still like to see joba in the bullpen)

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