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Jan 3 – A Minor Lineup Debate

FNY(Bronx, NY) – Well pitchers and catchers report to spring training camp in just 40 days.  Soon after (Feb. 25th to be exact) the 2009 Yanks will play their first exhibition game vs. the Blue Jays.  What has been a recent topic on the Hot Stove circuit for Yankee fans has been the projected lineup, specifically where will Teixeira bat vs. A-Rod.   There is a lot of debate on that and Sec. 22 fans and others can now weigh in their opinion too.   By the way, most MLB managers would love to have this dilemma!

On the player front, rumors continue that the Yankees front-office will still try to sign Andy Pettitte in some way-some how.  This is good news for most fans but it remains to be seem if it comes to fruition.  Also we will see who files for arbitration on Monday Jan 5.

Lastly, there have been some minor improvements to the blog for the new year.  We’ve added more links to other sites, including several diverse Yankee blogs as well as more reference and baseball sites.  The full schedule for the Friday Night package, including the two weekday games, is now listed in the tab at the top (2009 Sched) for regular reference.



6 Responses

  1. obviously another intelligent yanks fan joined the blog (he did agree with me afterall…lol)…welcome aboard jason

  2. I agree with Steven and Brendan for the reasons you laid out. I’m a big fan of not having too many righties or lefties in a row as possible unless it’s just to stack the proverbial deck against a pitcher. But as the game winds on, not having to make many moves–and to force the other team to work through much of the bullpen to make match-ups–is a big plus to me. The Yanks can do that best with Teixeira batting third.

    Also, I’ll add this–to best replace a proven producer such as Abreu, Teixeira is the guy to have in the three-hole. Historically he hits in the clutch–.324 avg/.442 OBP with RISP in his career, .298/.402 with men on. He produces, especially when it counts. After the Yanks struggled so badly with RISP and runners on last season–10th in the AL in both–Teixeira should be a huge boost.

    While I love that the Yankees vastly improved their rotation with Sabathia and Burnett, Teixeira was my favorite signing by far this off-season.

  3. the lineup will most likely be damon, jeter, tex, arod, matsui, nady, cano, posada, melky/gardner

    batting the switch hitting tex in the 3 hole will break up the RH hitters jeter and arod…also, this lineup doesnt have 2 LH hitters in succession so that makes it harder for the other manager to decide when to use his lefty specialist

  4. I rather have Mark Texieira batting third! I know Mark Texieira have a high on base percentage and give Alex Rodriguez to swing a lot of fastballs! Mark Texieira will drive at least 30 HRs and 100 RBIs at the minimum!

  5. Tom,

    Saw this on the MLB.com website. Would be a nice retirement gig.

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    Responsibilities include:

    – Column writing from live games across the country, as well as the news of the day off the field.

    – Non-column writing that helps feed the beast that is a 24-by-7 deadline cycle.

    – Factual reporting; intelligent writing.

    – Nuanced analysis and insightful commentary.

    – Professional representation of our company inside and outside our walls.

    – Multimedia experience a plus.

    Qualifications include:

    – Four-year degree preferred.

    – Passion for the sport, as well as a thorough knowledge of the sport.

    – Experienced in writing on deadline.

    – Able to produce clean, crisp copy.

    – Team player to work in field, as well as with editors.

    – Good communicator and well-organized.

    – Self-starter with a wealth of ideas.

    – Willing to travel.

    – Bilingual a plus.

    “Due to the volume of applications for each position, MLB.com will only contact those applications who are selected to be interviewed.”

  6. Teixeira as the clean up hitter would be a good move for the Yankees. He did have 121 RBI’s last season compared to A-Rod’s 103.

    It is not etched in stone that A-Rod bats cleanup. He has to hit with men on base – did it in 07, did not do it in 08.

    Go with Teixeira!

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