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Jan 5 – Free Agent Review

nyy2-logo(Bronx, NY) – So it is always nice on a Monday morning to be a Monday Morning Quarterback. This Monday we take a peek at a previous post (last November) from the folks at MLBTrade Rumors.Com that made these predictions and rankings of the free agents.    We only listed the top 10 for brevity sake.  You can see the whole list at their site.   So off of these predictions or rankings we got 3 of the top 5 and since we didn’t need a closer we can argue we got 3 out of the top 4!    Quite impressive on Brian Cashman and management’s part.  And many of the next group are still out there.

2009 Top 50 Free Agents

It’s time for the third annual MLB Trade Rumors Top 50 Free Agents list!  The entire list of available free agents can be found here.

A note before we begin – this is a complicated puzzle, and I’ll be satisfied if I’m correct on a quarter of these guesses.  If your favorite team seems under-represented, keep in mind that the list doesn’t account for trades or every single free agent.

1.  C.C. Sabathia – Yankees. The guess here is that the Yankees will make C.C. an offer he can’t refuse, and he’ll sign a seven-year deal.  Sabathia is the key to the Yankees’ offseason.

2.  Mark Teixeira – Angels. The Angels can probably afford one of Sabathia, Teixeira, and K-Rod.  They need Tex the most.

3. Manny Ramirez – Dodgers. I think Manny will ultimately sign a deal in the four-year, $100MM range.

4.  Francisco Rodriguez – Mets. The buzz at the time of this writing is that the Mets will pass on K-Rod and look to sign Fuentes.  However, there aren’t many big-money teams with closer vacancies, and I can see Rodriguez’s price dipping down to the four-year, $56MM range.

5.  A.J. Burnett – Orioles. I am uneasy about this prediction.  We know Burnett would like to play there, but will the O’s even enter the bidding?  They do need starting pitching badly, and theoretically Burnett will still be effective when they are ready to contend.

6.  Derek Lowe – Yankees. This would set up a rotation of Sabathia/Wang/Lowe/Pettitte/Chamberlain.  Very solid on paper.

7.  Orlando Hudson – Cardinals. Hudson, the top free agent second baseman, would be a large upgrade over Adam Kennedy.

8.  Adam Dunn – Nationals. The Nats attempted to make a free agent splash last year with Torii Hunter.  They’re known to be looking for a cleanup hitter.

9.  Ryan Dempster – Cubs. Seems to be Jim Hendry’s top offseason priority.  The two have a strong relationship, but Dempster may still score a competitive four-year contract.  It should be noted that Hendry has a strong record of keeping his own free agents when he wants to, despite much hand-wringing leading up to each signing.

10.  Ben Sheets – Braves. Under this scenario, the Braves are unable to land Jake Peavy via trade.  Sheets is one of many possible free agent pitchers the Braves may consider.  The Red Sox or Dodgers could be other suitors.


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  1. that guy actually did a very good job at predicting what teams would wind up with which players…what i find really interesting though is the $$$’s were really off…he predicted $56 mill for krod and he wound up with $39 mil???…he predicted $100 mill for manny, and the latest deal that i heard offered was 2 yrs for $45 mil…i guess the economy has hit baseball after all…

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