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Jan 19 – Pigskin Progress

nfl-logo2(New York, NY) – A quick football update since the news is significant enough.  First the participants for Super Bowl XLIII are set with the Arizona Cardinals going to the dance for the very first time against the multi-time champion Pittsburgh Steelers. There are many story lines but one that jumps out is that Steeler coach Mike Tomlin will compete against the two guys (Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm) that he beat out for the Pittsburgh top job.  Will revenge be sweet for the Red?  We will do a poll on that as we get closer.

The New York Giants promoted Bill Sheridan as their new defensive coordinator quickly as the St. Louis Rams have hired away Steve Spagnuolo.

And finally the New York Jets are positioned to name Baltimore’s defensive coordinator, Rex Ryan, to their head coaching job as early as Wednesday Jan 21.  After a broad search the team seems to have settled in on a strong leader.  What’s your view?



One Response

  1. Me being the optomist, I am always excited about the Jets….Ryan is coming here with an incredible resume and I have always favored defensive coaches…before I finish this paragraph I would like it being said that I was a fan of Herman Edwards and Eric Mangini signings and fans of them through most of their tenures….but at same time- I am glad that both them are not the Jets head coaches today…
    Anyyyyyways….Rex Ryan is the guy I wanted all along…Spags from the Giants was definitely appealing…but between the two of them I wanted Ryan a little more. Ryan has been a part of the most ferocious defense we have ever seen in the last decade…The last four years of which he has been calling the plays…While we don’t have Baltimore’s personnel, I do think our defense has been put together very well by Mike T and am very excited to see what they can do in draft and free agency to continue to put together a team in search of that elusive championship…

    Not to mention you should hear his ex players talk about this guy…very reminiscent to mentality alot of these players used to feel towards Herm Edwards- the team was ready to run through a wall for him….now you add together Ryan’s superior playcalling ability and his understand of X and O’s I think you have a recipe for a great defense…

    Offense is another story….he will need alot of help on this side of ball…We will see if Shotty Jr. sticks around and who exactly will be under center come September….Think Mangini is a little happier with Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson than Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff….yeah I would be too…

    Lets go Jets in 09!
    Lets go Cardinals….two more td’s for Fitzgerald next weekend!!!

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