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Jan 25 – Ben or Andy?

ny-jersey-logo(Bronx, NY) – In what never seems to end, the speculation and/or rumors continue that the Yanks are still pursuing discussions with both Ben Sheets (with an improved medical report) and Andy Pettitte for a roster spot.    Given their past performance and current solben-sheetsid staff on the front of the rotation, many believe either is worth the risk.

Speculation ranges of a 1-year deal for Andy and a 2-year deal for Sheets.    Pettitte sits with 215 career wins and a 3.89 ERA while Sheets is 6 years younger and has 86 wins and a 3.72 ERA.    What’s your view?



3 Responses

  1. looks like its going to be andy and for a lot less than last yr or for that matter even what they were originally reporting…new deal 1 yr 5.5 mil

  2. the new blueprint to success is the way the red sox run their pitching…acquire 6-7 high ceiling starters and assume that 5 of them will be healthy at any given time…that being said, sheets offers us a much higher ceiling than the steady but unspectacular andy pettite…i would rather have the 150 awesome innings that sheets offers than the 200 avg ones that pettite will bring…give me sheets baby!!!

  3. I don’t want Ben Sheets because he is injury prone even though he have great stuff! I want Andy Pettitte as a fifth starter! I hope Andy Pettitte accepts the contract! If not let Phil Hughes learn at the major league level using his three pitches the cutter, fastball, and curveball!

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