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Jan 26 – Torrid Torre – New Book Previews Heat up NYC Press

tn_book3(Bronx, NY) – With Joe Torre’s new book, The Yankee Years, set to hit the bookshelves for the general public on Feb. 3rd, the frigid winter in the Big Apple will likely welcome the heated comments one way or another.  Strong and diverse coverage in all the media (talk radio, TV, print and of course a zillion blogs) has begun and will likely continue well into spring training.joe-torre-smiles

At the center of the early sensational previews are 3 main targets:  George Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman and A-Rod.  Be it George’s knowing of Torre’s cancer even before he got to tell him or Cashman’s lack of support in the final moments of Joe’s career in pinstripes the book is likely to have many interesting insights.  Of course the one that has the most curiosity is the ‘A-Fraud’ tag for Alex Rodriquez and observations of his relationship/focus on Jeter.  In the end I think all fans are curious to read the body of work in its entirety but for now the publicist has done its job of pre-selling very well.

What’s your view?  Did Joe do the right thing and tell it as it was or did he cross the line?  Is the #6 no longer a candidate for Monument Park?


4 Responses

  1. i agree with tom that 95% of the book will probably be positive, however he never should have helped to write it (esp while he is an active manager)…there is a simple code amongst players and james said it “WHAT HAPPENS IN THE CLUBHOUSE STAYS IN THE CLUBHOUSE”…i really think that st joe was one of the most over-rated managers in history…i will admit that he was a great manager of people and ego’s, but his in-game baseball x’s and o’s were/are terrible…his worst offense might be the way that he handles bullpens, but i’ll let quantrill and proctor tell you about that…st joe was a really nice guy (esp with the media) and a very heart warming story between the cancer and bro franks heart transplant etc…managers often get too much credit when teams win and too much blame when teams lose…

  2. A conversation between A-Rod and Jeter.

    AROD – Derek look I got my haircut just like yours do you like it?

    Jeter – Um Yeah I guess so. Um Looks great Alex.

    AROD – Thanks because I have been admiring yours and think your hair always looks great and I wanted my to look great also.

    Jeter – Ummmm OK good for you Alex.

    Does the movie “Single White Female” ring a bell?

    Sounds like Torre had some things to get off his chest. I might read it myself.

  3. My initial post on this will be somewhat in the middle as I really want to see the body of work. My suspicion is that 95% or more of the book is positive but like a movie trailer that will often show the only 3 good scenes or jokes in a movie to get people to see it the publishers have possibly pulled out the few controversial items under the guise that the book has many more and it likely will not.

    Torre was all class in his years here putting up with many issues from the owners and the media. I also think the days of what happens in the clubhouse stays there are long gone though given the number of tell-all books from players, trainers, beat writers as well as 24×7 media hounds, clips, blogs, etc. Doesn’t mean that it is right but it is no different than the real business world where similar things occur. Unfortunately the days of expecting our sports heroes to be perfect are also gone.

    Nothing in the previews shock me as well as it is all likely true. and does it really matter if Steinbrenner knew of his cancer in advance? Is that really bad or negative? not really. and did we really think that Cashman went to the mat for him to stay on? I didn’t. and Brian doesnt seem to be all that upset about it either.

    But I am somewhat surprised that he did say it or allow it to be printed. Then again he was always fairly transparent so not really sure he has deviated from his character. I do think that it will delay or possibly kill his chances of his number being retired but again we do need to see the whole book and time heals all wounds although Jimmy Kickass seems to be one that will be inflicting them for some time. And I am disappointed since that number retirement must not be important to him or he would have skipped the sensational parts. I am just not sure his personality in the end would allow it. I will post more in the future.

  4. What happened to “what happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse” ? This is a classless move — Boo-hoo, Torre feels scorned — How much money did he make in NY? How many times did they get bounced from the playoffs in the early rounds in recent years? — Most overrated manager ever! classless act here.

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