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Feb 1 – The ‘F’ Word: February!

baseball3(Tampa, FL) – The ‘F’ Word is finally upon us.  February is finally here.  Today marks the end of the football season, ironically played in this town, not far from the Yanks training grounds.  And so if football is ending and February is here than real balls and strikes and umpires manning the bases must be near.

From the Yankees last game on Sep. 28 to when the next pitch is tossed in their initial spring training game on Feb. 25, Yankee fans will have endured 149 days (or basically 5 months) of no pinstripe baseball and all are really looking forward to ending this gap.   Regardless if the groundhog sees his shadow tomorrow the fact remains that baseball for 2009 is getting very close.

And the new Stadium target completion date of Feb. 17 is also nearing.  So February will be a baseball-news filled month.  February.  Finally.


2 Responses

  1. hahahaha its so true

  2. If you’re this excited about February then I am kind of afraid to see what your feelings will be about April.

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