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Feb 7 – A-Rod Tested Positive for Steriods in 2003

Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio?

Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio?

yankees-logo-script(Bronx, NY) – Well there are a thousand other posts and news stories on this one, and it will surely eclipse the Torre-book phrase ‘A-Fraud’ now.    Sports Illustrated is reporting that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in his MVP season of 2003 with Texas.

The New York Yankees 3rd baseman failed a drug test for two anabolic steroids, four sources told the magazine in a story posted Saturday on its Web site.    His name appears on a list of 104 players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in a 2003 baseball survey, SI said. He reportedly tested positive for Primobolan and testosterone while playing for the Rangers.

Yankee fans are in shock and A-Rod did not make it any better when he was asked about the allegations by stating  “You’ll have to talk to the union,” he told a reporter.   Calls from SI to union head Donald Fehr were not returned.

In the last 12-months, A-Rod has gone through a headline grabbing divorce, dating rumors with Madonna, the Torre-book ‘A-Fraud’ claim and now this.   Not quite the type of attention he was looking for.   Where it will all settle out remains to be seen but if true the thousands of fans with hopes of a new ‘clean’ home run king to replace a sterioid-accused Barry Bonds one day seem to be now be dashed.

9 Responses

  1. i believe that this is now the most active post ever on this site (is that correct tom???)…anyway, i wouldnt put any asterisks next to their names…in the court of public opinion, all these guys are dirty, and i know that i will tell my child that hank aaron is the home run king…remember 90 yrs later, everyone still knows of the black sox

  2. Alex Rodriguez admitted he used from 2001-2003 in using steroids when he was with the Texas Rangers! I hope Albert Pujols never used steroids or HGH in his career and if the home run record ever been broken! I still think Hank Aaron is still the home run king and Roger Maris the season record holder with 61 home runs in my eyes.

  3. Agree with Emmett — All the names should be released — We may as well know them all now.

  4. Yeah I have never liked this guy- and have said countless times that I think his salary could have been spread around and we could have gotten some more role players in here…I have also hated the un-needed attention this guy has brought to team….but at end of day- I did always respect that I never suspected this guy of cheating…now he even lost that….

    The new hope for Home Run King….Pujols….he has 319 already- and he claims he was born in 1980- so he would still have alot of time….who knows- we will probably hear some stuff about him too…..ugggggh…

    In all fairness to Arod though- I agree with some of the people who say they should release the rest of the 2003 names now though- its unfair that he is only one getting sh!t on here….

    The ny post is good like that….a-hole is a good one…

  5. Agree with the NY Post which had as their headline on the front page today – “A Hole”

  6. lets see how creative the boston fans can be with this one…material girl, afraud, aroid…keep ’em coming boys…this guy is a freaking embarrassment…the worst part about this is that the players knew a whole yr in advance of getting tested…how stupid could you possibly be??? i wish that cashman would have kept his word last yr and when alex opted out of his contract let him walk…oh well, i will root for him b/c i want our team to do well, and he is a major part of it, but i hate this guy…whats next, a few paternity suits???

  7. Babe Ruth did it on Hot Dogs and Beer. Imagine if he juiced?

  8. Say it ain’t so Alex…say it ain’t so! I was hoping that A-Rod would be the clean record breaker mentioned here…I’ve actually made arguments in the recent past about A-Rod being the one to “save baseball” — As Babe Ruth did after the blacksox scandal… say what you will about his personality, I always thought that what he did on the field was so pure that it was hard to take anything away from that…clearly this negates that entire point of view…At this point, the best I can think is the following: Tex better get started hitting those dongs and winning those gold gloves at 1st!

  9. Alex Rodriguez is now tainted. Alex Rodriguez is an A-fraud or A-roid! Alex Rodriguez should not be in the Hall of Fame! I am not a really big fan of Alex Rodriguez because he can’t come through in the clutch of the postseason! I will probably boo Alex Rodriguez this season! His home run record if he breaks it is going to be tainted! This is embarassing for baseball to see another superstar getting busted for steroids or HGH!

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