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Feb 11 – Hot Stove Serves Up Some Hash

mlb-logo1(Bronx, NY) – Well a round up of various news leaves us with  the makings of some re-heated hash but in case some have not noticed or heard here are several news items from the last few days:

  • Congress does not want A-Rod to testify but they have nailed Miguel Tejada for lying and the plea bargaining results are not determined yet
  • The Mets re-signed Oliver Perez while the Angels are about to get a bargain and sign Bobby Abreu.
  • The Nationals seem to have locked up Adam Dunn for two-years and the Rangers picked up Andruw Jones.
  • A number of Yankees reported early to Tampa including Swisher, Jeter, Posada, Bruney, Wang, Hughes and Melancon.  Official day for pitchers and catchers is Friday Feb 13.
  • The Braves are trying to lure Tom Glavine for one more year.
  • The ink on the Yankees and specifically A-Rod this winter may have single-handily saved the publishing industry and allowed previously targeted bailout money to go to other segments now

One Response

  1. Bobby Abreu is a good line drive hitter but he is allergic to walls! Bobby Abreu is probably the righfielder/DH for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! I won’t boo or cheer for Bobby Abreu when the Angels come in town April 30-May 3, 2009!

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