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Feb 16 – 101 Dalmatians, 103 Other Names

mlb-logo1(Tampa, FL) – Most people never knew the names of all those cute puppies in the classic Disney movie.  So do baseball fans wants to know the names of the other 103 players that tested positive a few years back?  We basically have only learned of 1 (A-Rod) and that has set things totally in a spin.  Many other Yankee blogs have posted and commented on this.  The majority seem to land on the side of NOT knowing.  But Sec 22 fans have a right to sound off or vote their view.


2 Responses

  1. We should know the 103 other names or samples because one already had leaked out named A-Rod! It’s not right for the 25th man or the superstar using steroids! It’s an illegal drug in the U.S.! Anyway players caught using steroids or HGH or peformance enhanced substances cannot get in the baseball Hall of Fame!

  2. not only should we not know the other 103 people who tested positive, but we shouldnt have known AROD’s name either…lest we forget people what it was sealed grand jury testimony, of an anonymous test, that we supposed to be destroyed immediately after the results were recorded…

    im really disappointed in AROD for doing the juice…the guys who are fringe players trying to stay in MLB i kinda understand…the arods, bonds’ and clemens’ of the world who are trying to go from perrenial all star to all time great to me is just plain selfish

    im really angry that confidential sealed records can become public knowledge…what the hell is going on in our legal system???

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