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Mar 5 – Reunited Roundup

glst-logo(New York, NY) – Spanning the headlines across a number of sports there are a series of reunions taking place.  While there were also some new ‘pairings’ that will take some time to see how well they fare out.


  • Manny Ramirez did re-join the LA Dodgers signing a 2 yr deal
  • Kurt Warner returns to Arizona for 2 more years
  • Ray Lewis will stay with the Baltimore Ravens
  • Sean Avery rejoins the NY Rangers after leaving for just under a year
  • Laverneus Coles move to Cincinnati for 4 years after T.J. Houshmandzadeh moved to Seattle

Returning to spring training, the Yanks face Team Canada today with Joba getting the start.

The Yanks fell to the Astros 3-2 yesterday.  Ian Kennedy took the loss.  In the Melancon Watch, Melancon allowed a leadoff double then retired three batters in order in the eighth. He has thrown three scoreless innings this spring, allowing two hits.


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