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Apr 17 – New Stadium, New Section

The Crew from 22 Checkout Section 430

FNY(Bronx, NY)- Well the Friday Nite Yanks started this season off in the bright daylight, but it was excellent.  The entire Sec 22 crew was not there with James, Jim Sr. and John all unable to come but the other 7 made it along with their guests (Jim C., Pat and Rich).   So this season it is all about Section 430.  The Bertrands made it along with the Mrs. this time, and Pat Irish stopped by from next door in Section 429.  Kirk is also around in Section 431A and we expect to meet some more regulars next time.  For now here are some opening game pictures from the crew; new and old.


6 Responses

  1. So I just found out I can check this site at work- very excited!!! Good job Tom not classifying it as sports site!

    So anyway had a free moment to peruse the site more than I usually do and I am pretty impressed…

    Two notes:
    – Upper deck miracle- classic!
    – While the beers are 9-10 bucks the value is still decent….Paul and I took our cups back to city with us after the game on the 17th and were able to pour two full beers in them. So while not ideal- the ten dollars still gets you 2 beers and I guess for a stadium that is good value….

    See ya’ll at game tomorrow night…

  2. There was nothing wrong with the old stadium. It was inspected every year and deemed safe every year. 1.5 Billion is a lot to pay for a new park and I can’t think of a reason to justify that amount of money. With that said the Yanks did a good job of blending the old with the new. They just need to drop the price on those $9.00 beers.

  3. not sure if the new digs is worth 1.5 billion of my tax payer dollars…also, dont think there was anything wrong with the old house…there were so many memories at the old stadium, it was very hard to realize that we wont be going there anymore…
    that being said, the place was absolutely amazing…the big screen in CF might be the coolest thing i have ever seen…the place was like a museum…they did a really good job of blending the old traditions with new amenities and technologies…hopefully we have the same amount of success at the new stadium as we did at the old one so we can truly make this home

  4. I glad you guys enjoy the game and the experience! I will see it for myself tomorrow! I know the concourses are wide but I don’t know how the terrace section 332A look like! I hope the Yankees bomb American Idle Carl Pavano tomorrow and I will boo Carl Pavano!

  5. I really like the open aspects in the concession area and the ability to watch the game while waiting on line. Leaving was also really easy as the concourse is very wide now.

    In Sec 430 it will take a while to get use to being underneath the overhang but when it rains it will be great!

    Overall a great place and a great experience.

  6. What a great game. Home Runs were plenty and the atmosphere in and around the stadium was great. I was glad to see a lot of the tradition from the old stadium brought over to the new place. Got to see the Marlboro Man rock out to Metallica when Mariano came out. Got to hear the bleacher creatures and the famous roll call. The train race is still going on the new HD LCD screen. Freddy Sez was spotted at the Yankee Tavern during the post game festivites. I think the greatest thing was getting to see the first OFFICAL win at the new stadium and Mariano Rivera with the first OFFICAL save. A great game and a great time.

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