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Apr 18 – Game #12 – Wang et al – All Wong

Beyond Embarrassment; Yanks Pounded 22-4 by Indians

baseball-png-png(Bronx, NY) – There is not enough time and it really isn’t even worth writing about, given all the low lights, so we will skip a post on the game details.    It was another great day weather-wise for baseball.  And we had the national feed on Fox for all to see the new Stadium.  And we had an early 2-0 lead.  Then the roof, cave, wall and anything else imaginable fell in.  So we’ll just try a poll:


2 Responses

  1. it was tempting to say mccarver and buck b/c i hate those guys with a passion, but wangs non-sinker is starting to worry me…it is an obvious mechanical problem that needs to be corrected asap

  2. What’s wrong with Chien-Ming Wang? His pitches are high again! Chien-Ming Wang must work out his adjustments or his mechanics in Triple-A Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees! Can we bring up Phil Hughes to take place of Chien-Ming Wang in the rotation? It is embarassing! I am shocked at the amount of home runs that are flying out at the new Yankee Stadium! Boy there were going to be more long games! I am not jumping off the bandwagon or panicking just yet! It is still a long season! I cursed and booed the television set at Chien-Ming Wang performance! The Yankees lost 22-4 to the Cleveland Indians today! I hope A.J. Burnett dominates tomorrow against the Cleveland Indians or else I am disappointed in losing three out of four to the Indians and especially losing to American Idle Carl Pavano tomorrow!

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