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Apr 19 – Some Early Trends

Yanks Fall to 6-6, Still Trying to Break Ahead of the Pack

baseball4(Bronx, NY) – It is still early and the first of 6 months of regular season play.   Actually only 7.4% of the season has been played.  But it is starting to become clear that the new Yankee Stadium seems to have a wind tunnel blowing to right field.  Looking at the number of home runs hit between the 2 exhibition games and now 3 regular season games it does seem to be establishing a trend, with 25 homers in those 5 games (thus an average of 5 per game).  And when the air is warmer in the summer, who knows how many will fly?  The most recent speculation is that the open concourses contribute to the air movement.  Whatever.  It will be interesting to watch the next 4 home games including the 2 night ones against Oakland and see if the trends continues.

Looking at the Yanks wins and losses there also seems to be a trend.  The losses tend to be more one-sided than not.  4 of the 6 have been by 10 runs or more, not a good sign for the pitching staff and the other two were by 7 and 6 runs respectively also not exactly tight defense.  Then again 3 of those 6 are attributed to just one pitcher (Wang), who is clearly not even close to his old form or being able to continue at the major league level.  The bullpen has not looked great though in those blowouts, coming in and not stopping the bleeding per se or at least not well enough.  Again it remains early and it is likely we will see some stronger

Swisher's versatility and play has been an early plus for the Yanks

Swisher's versatility and play has been an early plus for the Yanks

call ups from Scranton.

The Yanks wins have been, by and large, gutsy, often coming off the blowouts and several of them late in the game, a very good sign.  Also all of these games are without one of the strongest hitters in the game (A-Rod).   So some feel just hanging around or slightly above .500 for the month is good enough and then things will take off in May when A-Rod returns.   Then again with the spending and re-loading over the winter a higher degree of dominance was/is expected.

Another trend is that Girardi is moving people around and given a lot of playing time to the whole team and bench.    He seems to be thinking of the whole season in his moves.  Given that the overall age of the club is higher than most it is somewhat of an imperative.  And it is early to say but 12 games in we have one looming injury with Nady and it seems Matsui may spend some down time as well.    That fact that the farm system is doing well is good since it may be feeding the big club on a regular basis.

But pass on your comments please when you get a chance.


3 Responses

  1. we sit pretty high up in sec 430 and i didnt notice any loud noises at all…we have an unobstructed view of the field…the only part of the field that we cant see in the LF foul line by where the tarps usually are…im sure that some views are terrible like the bleacher problem with the hard rock cafe, or the guy on WFAN that had a really expensive seat right behind the foul pole…but im really happy with our view of the action…b/c the slope is less than the old stadium, we actually feel closer to the field…im sure you’ll have a great time in row 13

  2. Quick question for you guys in Section 430—I’ve gotten some tix for an early May game in Row 13 of 430, but I’m hearing that the back rows of those sections up there have a limited view (because of the frieze) and even loud noises from air conditioning units at the back of the seating area. Is this true?

  3. When will Phil Hughes get the callup in the starting rotation from Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees to replace Chien-Ming Wang in the rotation? And Mark Melancon get the callup from Triple-A Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees!

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