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Apr 21 – Is It Really True?

wordpress2(Bronx, NY) – From the ‘You Can’t Make this Stuff Up‘ Files comes this from Rivera’s Cutter blog.  Well actually you can make it up but it is clever enough to repeat for others to see.

See original post here.

NASA to use New Yankee Stadium

April 20, 2009

Whether or not the Yankees bring home a championship the first year playing in New Yankee Stadium, there should be some positive returns: NASA wants in.  Space exploration has not captivated the imagination of America in recent years, but thanks to the strange way in which objects propel themselves out of the New Yankee Stadium, NASA officials think that can change.

“Really, we had reached our limit.  Sure, we could put a rover on Mars, but it took a tremendous amount of resources.  Now?  The possibilities are endless,” a high ranking NASA official said, when discussing the prospect of using the New Yankee Stadium.  “Something about those new concourses – they’re an engineering marvel.  If a simple wooden bat can send an object that far, imagine how far a rocket will go?”

The key to the entire arrangement focuses on NASA’s ability to conserve resources.  The official went on to say that “tremendous distance could be generated with relatively little force.”

But how did he even come up with this idea?

“Well, when I saw Melky Cabrera hit a homerun, I started getting ideas,” he claimed.  “But once I saw Asdrubal Cabrera hit one out, I knew that we could generate propulsion with essentially no power at all.”


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