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Apr 22 – Is the Wind Really a Factor? Too Early to Tell

baseball-png-png(Bronx, NY) – This is a short post that may serve as a foundation for follow-ups the next home stand.  Anyhow with all the talks on the wind as a factor with the number of homers here is a quick recap using the boxscores from Yahoo Sports for the recent 6 game homestand.  Note: If the boxscore said left center or right center I listed it as center.

It is too bad there was only 1 night game but there will be more to come.  Not sure there is an immediate conclusion to be drawn from this data since the wind speed and wind direction does not seem to  matter for some games (like the 4/22 game, with even distribution and low wind speed)  or the  the right-to-left games where in one there were 4 to the right and in the other only 1.  We need more data!

4/22 – Wind 1 mph, out to center, Day game     Homers: 5 (1 left, 2 center, 1 right)

4/21 – Wind 9 mph, left to right, Night game      Homers: 1 (0 left, 0 center, 1 right)

4/19 – Wind 14 mph, in from left, Day game       Homers: 3 (1 left, 0 center, 2 right)

4/18 – Wind 13 mph, right to left, Day game       Homers: 8 (1 left, 3 center, 4 right)

4/17 – Wind 5 mph, left to right, Day game          Homers: 6 (0 left, 0 center, 6 right)

4/16 – Wind 10 mph, right to left, Day game       Homers: 3 (1 left, 1 center, 1 right)


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