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Apr 30 – The Cabana Boys Grow Up

Melky and Cano Mature and Deliver

ny-jersey-logo(Bronx, NY) – So the fans have to be enjoying the change in approach, this year, of the Cabana Boys: Melky and Robby.  After solid performances in 2007, it is an understatement to say all were disappointed in 2008.   Cano never really got it going and Melky just went totally downhill.  Everyone close to the situation attributed it to  too much fooling around, too much playing and the two were too close.  Come the winter Melky was in the trade pool and even Cano was

A not Apirl for Cano, Much Different than 2008

A hot April for Cano, Much Different than 2008

briefly in similar thoughts.  But the team stuck with them, but Melky broke camp ‘demoted’ to the bench.

Now it is obvious they have changed their approach.  Cano, forever the free swinger, now takes pitches, walks often, and if not hitting (he has  a 17-game streak to end April) he fouls off pitch after pitch to extend the starter.  Melky similarly shows patience, and power (4 homers in the month) and is playing all around solid ball.  Bottom line is they have seen the light of what it takes to stay and excel in the bigs and the Yanks are now getting the benefits.  With Cano batting .366 and Melky at .327 we can forget about the horrid start of last year and hope it just gets better and better.


2 Responses

  1. About time Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano finally mature and don’t waste their talent.

  2. all i have to say is…ITS ABOUT TIME…nothing is worse than wasted potential

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