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May 3 – Between the Rain Drops

nyymlb-logo(Bronx, NY) – The Yanks will try hard to get the last game with the Angels in since they do not return to NY this year.  Given the forecast it will be very tough.  With the loss to LA yesterday the Yanks sit at 13-11, still 3rd in the AL East behind Toronto and Boston but given some of their problems to date, maybe not so bad.  A quick look at the upside and downside so far this year:

Upside: Posada is surely back to full form (at least offensively) and the same for Cano and Melky.  Swisher has been great as well.  Bruney pitched well until hurt.  Matsui is now very hot and also seems back to form.   Pena has filled in nicely with his glove and even a little with his bat of late.  Damon and Jeter have been the usual consistent selves, with big hits here and there.

Downside: The bullpen, in general, led by very disappointing results from Veras, Ramirez, and Marte (now heading to the DL).  Even Mo has been inconsistent.  Then the starters:  C.C. sits at 1-3, Wang is, well no need to say more.  AJ and Andy have been more good than not.  Joba has been mixed.  In the position players, Tex is hitting .182 or lower and Gardner really has not hit well.

A-Rod: You should notice we have not really covered him much, either good or bad.  Why?  Because lots of other Yankee blogs do that with the daily updates on his rehab results as well as the tabloid news of the moment so we defer to them since it takes a ton of time to do this stuff.

Blog Plans for this week or longer:  Will try to get some stories on Minor league teams, especially Scranton, a Legends Look, and some Stadium pictures or thoughts.


2 Responses

  1. Well, as of now the rotation is just pushed back a day. I went to today’s game. It was fun, but it really was too bad that it was rained out. For pictures and thoughts visit my blog: http://161ststreet.wordpress.com/2009/05/03/angels-at-yankees-rained-out/

  2. The weather is going to mess up the Yankees starting rotation on the amount of rest if the Yankees don’t skip starters because I heard tomorrow weather at the new Yankee Stadium versus the Red Sox are horrible also with heavy rain! The game is most likely postponed tomorrow also.

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