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May 5 – Adding Insult to Injury: Posada May Be Going on 15-Day DL

Injury List Starting to Mount to Serious Levels

ny-jersey-logo(Bronx, NY) – We’ve had reports that we shudder to say:  Posada’s hamstring may force him to the DL.  Just when the Yanks were dreaming ahead to the weekend when A-Rod is expected to return to the lineup, this latest blow occurs.  The Yanks have treaded water at 13-12 and have been trying to stay in striking distance of Boston and Toronto and take advantage of a slumping Tampa.  It was widely hoped that A-Rod’s return would spark the club, both with his bat and presence behind Tex in the order.  Not much you can do but 2009 is starting to resemble 2008 with the number of injuries and the corresponding record of around .500 for the first half.


8 Responses

  1. Hey Chris A! This is getting embarassing. I never seen the Red Sox won five straight games in the regular season over the Yankees. I am frustrated. This is the beginning of the season. The Yankees got 13 more games with the Boston Red Sox. Now the Yankees are 13-13 heading into the series with the Tampa Bay Rays. The Yankees got swept by the Boston Red Sox again. But this time at the new Yankee Stadium.

  2. Well, it was only a few years ago when Cashman really stood up and started integrating the idea of developing young players. From about the year 2000 to about 2005, the Yankees motto was, “Trade young talent away, and sign big market players.”

  3. Thanks Chris! I know the Yankees star players are aging. But Jorge Posada production at the plate is irreplaceable. But I didn’t expect this amount of injuries so far this early in the Yankees season. I know every team have injuries. When is the last time the Yankees developed a home grown player that arewith the team since Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte? I know Chien-Ming Wang and Robinson Cano are home grown players but they were signed internationally. I mean in the MLB draft!

  4. Then who is at fault for Nady, Bruney, Marte injuries. I am relaxed that the Yankees will turn it around hopefully. I don’t know what is Francisco Cervelli except he is a defensive catcher but the Yankees got catcher in Single A such as Montero.

  5. Happy Birthday Steven!
    I’m sorry , but I would not say that Brian Cashman can’t evaluate young talent. And as much as the Yankees compete with the Red Sox, I would not compare Hughes and Kennedy to the Red Sox players. Not one of those players, including Pedroia and Lester, are proven quite yet. Now I am not saying they will fall of a cliff or anything. In addition, I really do not think that Girardi is at fault for these injuries, I think age is the reason for them. I mean what do you expect from a 37 year old catcher.

  6. Sorry Tom for the misinformation. Jorge Posada is out two to three weeks with a grade 2 strain of his right hamstring. The Yankees brought up Francisco Cervelli from the Double-A Trenton Thunder to replace Jorge Posada on the active 25-man roster. Francisco Cervelli is the backup catcher now to Jose Molina who will be the starting catcher for that period of time!

  7. Francisco Cervelli been called up to be the backup catcher to Jose Molina Tom! I don’t how serious is Jorge Posada hamstring injury. It could be three to six weeks. I know why the Yankees didn’t make the playoffs last year due to Jorge Posada leadership and shoulder injury. Oh great. The Yankees are really banged up. Brian Cashman can’t evaluate young talent in the MLB draft. I am frustrated that the Yankees Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy haven’t developed the way like the Red Sox young players such as Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Jon Lester and Justin Masterson.

  8. That’s true! Joe Girardi claimed he got these players in shape but these players still get hurt in the regular season. I never seen this amount of injury under Joe Torre for most of his tenure. I am frustrated and very disappointed that the Yankees haven’t won a game versus the Boston Red Sox. I hope the Yankees can finally beat the Red Sox on my birthday.

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