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Jun 21 – National Crisis: Yanks Drop Another Series

C.C. Leaves Early, Yanks Fall to Florida 6-5, Rally Just Short

baseball-png-png(Miami, FL) – The Yanks dropped their second series in a row to a National League team and after years of strong inter-league play are playing below .500 this year vs. the various NL East teams so far (5-7).

This one was a challenge with Sabathia leaving in the 2nd inning with tightness in his left bicep but Aceves pitched well in relief.  Tex got a big RBI double to tie it a 1-1 and A-Rod got a huge 2-run single for the early 3-1 lead for the Bombers.

But Brett Tomko was plain awful and gave up two homers (Hanley and Ross) and the Marlins led 4-3.  A throwing error by Melky Cabrera eventually led to a 6-3 lead for the Marlins but a huge 2-out 2-run triple in the 9th by Brett Gardner (2-4 on the day) got the Yanks within 1 but Jeter grounded out to end the game and

Yankee Fans hope CC is fine and the Team Gets Better soon

Yankee Fans hope CC is fine and the Team Gets Better soon

the Yanks did not keep pace with the AL east as Boston and Tampa both won.

The Yanks fall to 38-31 and errors by left field have hurt them a lot in the last two games.  AJ Burnett pitched well enough to win on Saturday night but they Yanks offense has been inconsistent of late versus pitchers they have not seen, a team trait for some years.

See Yanks-Marlins boxscore here.

The Yanks get an off day on Monday before going to Atlanta.  Wang, Joba and Pettitte take the hill to try and get back to winning series or more.


3 Responses

  1. tomko sucks…there is no way that he should be on this team right now, or ever for that matter…why the hell do we need 3 long men in the bullpen (hughes, aceves, and tomko) when other teams only have one…melancon is tearing up AAA, its time for him to be in the bigs and for tomko to get a pink slip…he got lit up by the mets last week, and by the marlins today…he sucks

  2. This is starting to get really frustrating. I know they had to fight because CC left early (biceps tendinitis) but they had their chances to win. Brett Tomko was bombed, I don’t see why Mark Melancon isn’t with the team instead of Tomko. Captain Obvious Alert: The Yankees really need to start winning series.

  3. Josh Johnson is one of the best pitchers in the N.L. for the Marlins!! But tonight loss is no excuses!! The Yankees lost eight of there last twelve games!! I am running out with patience with Joe Girardi!! I expect this team to make the playoffs or better yet win the World Series!!!

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