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Jun 22 – Monday Morning Manager

yankees-logo-script(New York, NY) – Well there is growing pressure on Joe Girardi as the Yanks enter a stretch where they are not playing well and the rest of the AL East is tightening up.  Even the Orioles have ripped off 5 in a row and the Rays seem to be getting better.  So you can be manager for the day today.  You are allowed 3 moves.  What are they?  Make them count!


5 Responses

  1. king for a day…my dream come true…

    1.) release tomko and tell him he sucks…being up melancon and actually pitch him this time
    2.) wang out of rotation in favor of hughes
    3.) play melky everyday in center

    these are not the moves that i would make…these are the moves that joe should make in order to win THIS YEAR…if he doesnt win this yr, he will most likely find himself unemployed…these moves make the club more competitive on a day to day basis

  2. My third move is defranchise Brett Tomko and designate him for assignment and call up Mark Melancon from Triple A Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees!! I should have thought it out on one comments but I wrote too much!!

  3. I want Francisco Cervelli catching, Jorge Posada mostly DH to rest Matsui sometimes. And one other thing I willing to keep Joba as a starter!! And Phil Hughes as a setup guy to Mariano Rivera is not the right move!! Then we will have this Hughes debate whether he is a starter or a bullpen guy!! I don’t think Hughes is the future closer after Mariano Rivera!! I think Hughes could be a number two or three starter in my mind in the future!!!

  4. My 3 moves:
    1. DFA Brett Tomko, and call up Mark Melancon
    2. Have Cervelli catch much more often, Posada DH, which not only keeps Jorge healthy, it keeps Matsui fresh for when he is going to DH. (However the Yankees still have 6 games left without a DH)
    3. Come out a say that Joba is a starter, period, and that the whole Yankees organization will no longer be answering Joba-Bullpen questions.

    I know Tom, our moves are pretty much identical except for the Joba issue. Bringing Melancon up and DH’ing Posada just seem like the sensible thing to do.

  5. My 3 Moves would be:
    1. Swap Joba and Hughes roles.
    2. Have Posada DH more to keep him healthy and let Cervelli (or Molina on return) catch more
    3. Bring up Melancon from Scranton and drop Tomko

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