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Jun 23 – Checking out the Other Blogs

wordpress2(Suffern, NY) – The Yanks begin a 3-game set with the Braves tonight but lots of comments on their recent performance is swirling in the blog-o-sphere.  So it’s that time again.  Time to take a look at some other interesting posts from fellow bloggers:  Please check them out.  Good stuff:

  • How the 2009 Yankees Were BuiltClick here
  • Pete A. (Lohud) on How to make the Yanks Better (must have seen our post!):  Click Here.
  • Jason and The Heartlands Preview of Game 1 vs AtlantaClick Here.
  • Chris from 161st – Minor League Affiliates Page:  Click Here
  • Kim Jones on A-Rod Running out of GasClick here.

3 Responses

  1. Congrats on 10,000 hits Tom! Great job with the website!

  2. This is a nice post! I especially like the link to “How the 2008 Yankees Were Built.” I also thank you for linking to my blog!

    Right now, it’s venting time for Yankee fans. Sometimes it feels best to put the blame on people, even though its not always right. I do feel that Joe Girardi has made quite a few mistakes lately, but I don’t think he should be fired. Chien-Ming Wang must be left in the bullpen. Tonight he left after going 5 innings and giving up 3 runs, he was a 62 pitches. If it wasn’t for the fact that pitchers bat in the NL, Wang would have probably went at least 7 innings, even if he threw 20 pitches an inning from that point on. Another reason why the NL bothers me.

  3. The Yankees lost 4-0 to the Atlanta Braves and Tommy Hanson!! The Yankees let Tommy Hanson off the hook by not getting the clutch hit with runners in scoring position or doing the fundamentals with runners on base!! This is getting frustrated with the Yankees offense!! Chien-Ming Wang is now 0-6 and I want Hughes back into the rotation!! This is the major leagues not the developmental leagues but the Yankees need to fire Joe Girardi or Dave Eiland immediately and I expect the Yankees to make the playoffs with this amount of talent on this team!!!

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