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Jul 7 – Happy Anniversary FNY!

FNY(New York, NY ) – Well we are a little late for the celebration but the FNY blog began just over a year ago (first post was July 3rd).    What was originally planned to just capture some of the games of the Friday Night Package has grown nicely to covering more games, more news, rolling through the offseason and even getting season T-Shirts for the upper deck crew.

We’ve been able to see the closing of the great old stadium as well as see a bunch of walk-off wins in the grand new stadium.  And to have over 10,000 visits in the the first year, many from other parts of the world has also been pretty cool.  It’s been a fun year and the 2nd half of this season will hopefully be as much fun.  Back from vacation now so on to some blogging!


4 Responses

  1. i remember the first friday nite game when johnny baseball didnt know what the “mosholua” was…ah the memories…

    great job with the blog tom…glad to see that you have something to occupy your time in your “golden years”

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Now let the second half debates begin for Pitching Staff!!!

  3. Congratulations on the first year anniversary of Friday night Yanks!! Tom you really have a great site and blog!!! I hope there is more to come in the future including blogging a Yankees 27th title soon!!

  4. Congratulations Tom! You really have a great site here at Friday Nite Yanks, and I wish you a happy anniversary and many more to come!

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