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Jul 8 – Your Two Cents: Pitching

ball-glove-png(New York, NY) – So the team continues to play well but pitching remains a challenge with the latest injury to Wang.  So what’s your take on what should be done?  Make a trade?  Bring up from Scranton?  Move Hughes back to the rotation?  Sound off when you can.

The leade the league in strikeouts and have improved in on base average bu are near the bottom in ERA and have given up the most home runs in the league although the 161st Launching Pad has something to say in that stat.


3 Responses

  1. I really want Hughes in the rotation and Joba in the pen but for sure PH is pitching so well right now that I am fine with him as the bridge to Mo. It remains very ironic on how he is pitching a lot like Joba did in 2007 when he first arrived. Hitting 95 or more on the fastball and just mowing down most batters he faces one way or another.

    Overall we do need the back of the rotation to do better and Wang has been a total bust this year and for that matter Joba is a toss up most games he pitches, with some good and some bad. Andy may be showing signs of wear like the 2nd half last year so we really do need at least one really consistent starter on the premise that CC and AJ will produce well down the stretch. The offense will hopefully continue to click but we all do know it will require strong starting and relief pitching to win in the post season.

  2. aceves is a quick fix answer to current problem…much like aaron small a few years ago, the yanks have caught lightin’ in a bottle with aceves…he is capable of throwing multiple pitches for strikes keeping teams off balance and eating some innings (every team in the MLB would take that from the 5th starter)…i would leave hughes in the bullpen right now, and as joba gets closer to his innings limit, he can join the phils (hughes and coke) in the pen…the bullpen is too iffy right now to put hughes back into the rotation…if bruney was pitching well, and marte were healthy, i would think about it, but right now, we need to leave the phils bridging the gap to big mo (even though johnny baseball would say his stats are inflated this season)…hopefully they can get this straightened out, and someone can help joe manage the staff a little better b/c we aint winning anything this year unless the pitching improves

  3. The pitching situation should be pretty interesting in the 2nd half of season…I don’t see them thinking Aceves is the long term solution by any means in the starting role, so I would imagine something could be done where maybe Hughes pitches a couple of innings tonight in relief and then maybe send him down to Scranton and get him a start (or least a stretch out or two) since every story is reporting they don’t need a 5th starter again for 10+ days with the All Star break and all- and maybe he makes that start. And then if Wang were to make it back in a month or so- maybe you shift Joba to the bull pen. Or maybe you leave good and well enough alone. In reality Hughes is pitching better than he has in his entire career right now- and him and Coke are both effectively pitching in relief right now. So maybe you suffer through a start or two with Aceves awaiting Wang’s return(During which you have Hughes ready to go in bullpen). But then again how good has Wang been this season???
    With the so called inning counts imposed on Hughes and Chamberlain this could be as good of time as any to start making the shift between them- but we don’t want to necessarily be doing that their entire young 20’s either. I just meant the stretching out Hughes can start to begin tonight and once Wang were to return from injury- Chamberlain could start lessening the innings…
    Depending on Joba’s inning count a real decision I feel could be made…if he is doing alright- then maybe you don’t necessarily make a move until much later in season- and that type of move would be made with playoffs in mind.
    Who’s to really say Joba would be better in bullpen than Phil Hughes right now?

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