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Aug 29 – Joba Rules: Becoming Part of Yankee Lore?

Team Re-thinks Its Position on Staggering Starts

yankees-logo-script(New York, NY) – The Yanks announced that Joba will pitch next on normal days rest between starts.

Joba entered this season with a prescribed ceiling on the number of inningsjoba-chamberlain_1 he will throw during the regular season, which is believed to be in the range of 160. So far he has thrown a 130.1 innings and the Yanks began to tinker with his starts.

He had eight days between starts before facing the Red Sox on Aug. 6, and after pitching against Seattle on Aug. 16, he didn’t throw again until Aug. 25. In his last outing, Joba struggled badly with his command, and allowed seven runs, nine hits and four walks in four innings.

So rather than give him extensive rest between outings, the Yankees will now pitch him once every fifth day — but in order to keep his innings down, some of his starts might last only a few innings.

It’s likely that he will make shorter starts the next couple of times he takes the mound, and then make longer starts as the Yankees begin to prepare for the playoffs.

Source:  www.espn.com

2 Responses

  1. I like this move 100% but giving up four or five innings a start is a waste being a starter but I much rather see him as a starter because starter is more valuable than a reliever!! But the closer is important too with the rest of the bullpen!!! But a starter get paid more!!!!

  2. i agree with this move 100%…it is really hard for a pitcher to keep command of his pitches (esp. his off speed pitches) with more than 5 days rest…i think it might tax the bull pen a little, so i would like to see either mitre or gaudin piggyback (come in after) joba

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