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Nov 15 – Hot Stove League: Open for Business

Free-Agent Signings, Trades and the Like to Occur over Next 3 Months

(New York, NY) – Being World Champions gives the Yanks some leeway in what transactions or decisions they make but first up is the Damon-Matsui situation.  Feel free to weigh in:



5 Responses

  1. Most know I am a big Matsui fan but I admit it may be time to go. He is going on on a great note. I beleive he will take a decent cut in pay though to stay in NY so it may get interesting.

    Its unclear to me how aggressive Cashman and mgmt will be in going after the other big free agents but he surprised us all last year, especially with Tex, so I’ve come to expect anything. that being said I do think we should consider signing Damon for 1-2 years, bring up Austin Jackson, release Nady, package Gardner for whoever and see what flies with the big free agents (Holliday and Bay).

  2. I’d like to see Damon back, I’m still undecided on Matsui.

    As far as other free agents and trade possibilities go, I’m open to all of them. But, I don’t want to see the Yankees give any 4+ yr contracts to outfielders (so that rules out Bay and Holliday for me) and I don’t want to see any above average prospects traded (that means no Halladay). I know I may sound stubborn, and unrealistic, but I don’t think any of these players are worth what they are going to cost.

  3. I read these posts out of order- I thought you were saying Lackey and Halladay are past their primes!?!

    I agree with Brendan- I think both of these guys won’t be back in Pinstripes next year. Damon I think is only one that has a chance since he can play the field. But even him they have to give a short contract or let him walk. But that is 13 mil or so coming off the payroll for both of those guys- so thats 26 mil floating around. Going after a pitcher or an outfield bat should be a priority. And agreeing on a previous thread….The future plans for Wang, Hughes and Joba all needs to be planned out.

    In the Yankees case…Andy should be considered for another season….while in Andy’s case- he should think about walking away- not going to get much better than this.

    Lackey should be looked at- see what market is….same with Halladay. Halladay has pitched his entire career in AL East- so I would imagine he could do well- but alot of money tied up in pitching already. Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Hughes, Chamberlain- could be a start on the rotation- they need to figure out what they want to do with Hughes and Joba.

  4. I want Roy Halladay in a trade or John Lackey as a free agent!!!!! Both would look good in Yankees pinstripes!!!! Pitching and defense wins championships especially strikeout pitchers who can get out of jams along with help from the offense!!!!

  5. personally, i wouldnt sign either one, as they are both well past their primes and the yanks have been trying to get younger and more athletic in the last few off seasons…i think holliday or bay is going to look lovely in pinstripes next season

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