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Dec 22 – No More Home Deliveries: The Melkman to Atlanta for Javier Vazquez

(Bronx, NY) –  The Yanks are into re-kindling old relationships.  Fresh off the return of Nick Johnson is the return of pitcher Javy Vazquez.  He was traded back to the Yankees by the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday for outfielder Melky Cabrera, a move that pushed the payroll for next season over $200 million.  The Yanks also got left-hander Boone Logan as part of the deal, and the Braves obtained a pair of pitching prospects, left-hander Mike Dunn and right-hander Arodys Vizcaino, along with about $500,000.

This one is a little more of a challenge given that Melky really was coming into his own and so young while Vazquez is 33 and in the end of his contract.  Interesting also is that 3 of the 8 positions players that started for the 2009 World Series clincher are now ex-Yanks.  There is never any rest for the weary and nothing or no one is sacred in the quest for #28.


5 Responses

  1. the vazquez move was a solid move on a number of fronts…number 1 it gets us an innings eater at the back end of the rotation (he has thrown 200+ innings for like 9 straight yrs)…this gives us insurance in case andy (old) or aj (injury history) go down…number 2 he is on a 1 yr contract and will be a type A free agent meaning that we will get 2 high draft picks should we decide to let him walk after this season…with dunn for logan essentially a wash, the only way that this deal blows up is if arodys vizcaino becomes a star…he has a 96 mph fastball that he throws for strikes and if he can begin commanding his hammer curveball and improving change, he can turn into a very good SP

    i think joba is going to be left in the rotation this yr (and rumor has it they are lifting the joba rules so we should finally be able to see what he can do)

    now that melky is gone, it will be very interesting to see
    what the yanks do with LF??? do they spend big on holliday??? do they wait out damon and resign an old fav??? or do they pinch some pennies and bring in a reliable though not stellar vet like derosa or dye??? or does brett gardner get the nod and bring his speed and defense to the table???

  2. That’s okay Tom!! I still remember the painful memory of game 7 of the 2004 A.L.C.S. when he gave up the grand slam to Johnny Damon!! Javy Vazquez back in 2004 was counting on to be a number two starter but in 2010 Javy Vazquez is a number four starter!! The Red Sox got four pitchers that are capable of winning but the Yankees need to match that because the A.L. East is tough!!

  3. Austin Jackson is with the Detroit Tigers along with Phil Coke, Ian Kennedy went to the Arizona Diamondbacks!! Curtis Granderson is officially a Yankees centerfielder or leftfielder and he is number 14 in a news conference last week!!!

  4. Well Emmett you can be right on Posada as the DH if the yanks sign Maurer next year!!

    I also think Austin Jackson is coming north by June with Melky gone. Don’t think Gardner can hit for average over the long haul.

  5. I like the move. Melky at end of day I feel didn’t have a huge ceiling- while Vasquez has been a very successful pitcher this decade and is coming to a team with even more weapons. I like the one year contracts so they can always revisit next year what they actually want to do going forward (Andy, Nick Johnson and Vasquez).

    In the mean time Hughes and Chamberlain continue to get work. The Joba debate has been an interesting one over the past few seasons and should be another intriguing one going into this coming season.

    Thumbs up on the Granderson pick up…While Austin Jackson we have heard alot about over the years- wouldn’t we have been so pleased if he turned into Curtis Granderson’s production!?! Well now technically he has.

    Another reason I love the Nick Johnson one year deal is- that the DH spot could end up being Posada’s permanent spot one of these years.

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