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Dec 29 – Extreme Makeover: NYY Edition

The Popular Sunday Night Show Title Seems to Fit

(New York, NY) – We love our team and in just one year we’ve truly come to respect Tex, CC, AJ and the like.  But it is sometimes interesting to look at the past and how far we’ve come so fast.   Here is the opening day roster from 2008 just two seasons ago.  Only 4 of the 10 remain as Yanks today:  Jete, Jorge, A-Rod and Cano.  60% has turned over in 2 seasons.

2008 New York Yankees

Opening Day Starters
Bobby Abreu
Melky Cabrera
Robinson Cano
Johnny Damon
Jason Giambi
Derek Jeter
Hideki Matsui
Jorge Posada
Alex Rodriguez
Chien-Ming Wang


2 Responses

  1. And anyway I admit that Bobby Abreu was a good player but he is allergic to walls!! I love the rotation better now and the outfield is younger and athletic with defense such as Curtis Granderson but Brett Gardner offensive production is still a question mark? But Nick Swisher got intangibles such as being funny and lively in the clubhouse but what did Bobby Abreu did in the clubhouse?

  2. i reserve the right to change this comment based on who winds up in LF, but right now its hard to disagree with the fact that they are a much better team now…they are clearly younger and more athletic…cc at the top of the rotation is a beast, and tex for giambi is a clear upgrade (ironically, i believe the salaries were almost a wash)…the only bad move was losing abreu to the angels…especially when you consider that he signed for 1 yr $5 million and im pretty sure that we pay swisher who im my opinion is an inferior player more money than that…

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