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Apr 3 – Defending the Crown: The 2010 Season Begins

Yanks to Start their Title Defense  Sunday Night vs Bosox

(New York, NY) – The spring training season comes to and end with the Yanks having a mediocre one at 13-15.  The split squad games are done and its time for the full team to take the field.  CC Sabathia will start the opener vs. Boston on the national feed from ESPN and the Yanks will start the quest for #28.

Last season started with tenous hopes as the Yanks had re-stocked the team with AJ, CC, Tex and Swish as a response form missing the playoffs after 13 straight.  They opened a new park and saw balls flying out of it at a record pace but still were a .500 club at best in early May when A-Rod returned.  He made a difference, CC warmed up, the team found its stride and went on to a 100+ win season and a great 11-4 playoff run for the championship after an 8-year drought.

The winter saw some additional changes with favorites such as Damon, Melky and Matsui moving on while Curtis Granderson, Nick Johnson and Javy Vazquez look to give the Yanks some youth, some defense and some length in the rotation.  Phil Hughes and Joba swap roles on the mound while the infield boasts as the best offensively and defensively in the league.

The long grind is set to begin.  Here’s hoping for more walk-offs, more dingers, more speed and more great games along the way.


2 Responses

  1. And tomorrow game in the Tri-State area such as Connecticut, New Jersey and New York will be on the YES Network pregame and coverage of the game start at 8:00 p.m.!!

  2. That what I am hoping for! I expect 95-100 wins from the Yankees and winning the A.L. East but every season is unpredictable!

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