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Jun 23 – GOAL!! USA Advances to Knockout Round in World Cup with Closing Minute Goal

Donovan’s Dramatic Smash Defeats Algeria 1-0, USA Wins Group C

(Pretoria, SA) – For sure the 2010 World Cup will be one for American soccer fans to remember.  From the fortunate goal to tie England in the opener, to the stolen goal that would have beaten Slovenia after a dramatic 2nd half comeback, to the extra time goal by Landon Donovan to advance the US, the games have all been exciting to say the least.  This one almost started out like the others with the US almost giving up an early goal at the 6 minute mark when Algeria hit the cross bar.  But perhaps that was the omen.  However numerous US chances kept coming up short in the first half, including another disallowed goal on a controversial offside call.  And when Clint Dempsey hit the right post in the final minutes of the 2nd half only to see the rebound come right to him and sail wide with his second shot the US chances looked bleak.  England was leading Slovenia 1-0 and the US thus had to win outright.  But Donovan setup the play with a nice pass to the right side, the winger shot and the Algerian goalie made the save but fell down leaving the ball in the box for Donovan to step up and push to the left side with about 2 1/2 minutes left in stoppage time.

The USA wins the group outright with 5 points on a tie breaker (more goals scored than England) and will play the 2nd place team in Group D (either Ghana, Germany or Serbia).


3 Responses

  1. The U.S.A. lost to Ghana 2-1 in OT yesterday. Painful to lose in OT when the U.S. got chances to win the game but didn’t execute and put it behind the goalkeeper of Ghana net.

  2. just as i was about to say i will never watch another soccer game in my entire life, donovan comes through…

    seriously though, it really shouldnt have come to a stoppage time goal…

    the US had Slovenia beaten, but the ref made a horrendous call, then they scored an early goal in the game vs Algeria that was taken off the board for an equally horrendous call (an offside call that replay later confirmed was wrong)…

    i just hate watching games where a referee can determine the winner with no replay or at least a grading system for the officials…

    if a MLB ump started making terrible calls, he would be fired, or at least demoted to the minor leagues…

    enough ranting…lets beat Ghana

  3. It is Ghana Tom on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. on ABC!

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