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Jul 13 – Mid-Point: Ortiz Wins HR Derby, Yanks Rest Up

Big Papi Defeats Hanley Ramirez in 2010 Derby

(Anaheim, CA) – Hometown Favorite Nick Swisher did not get out of the first round with his 4 homers but still did NY proud with his effort.  In the end one of the ‘old timers’ won it as Boston’s David Ortiz paced himself well and took advantage of the shorter right field dimensions at Angels Stadium to defeat right-handed Hanley Ramirez from the Marlins by a 11-5 total in the final round.  Both hit 21 combined in the first 2 rounds to advance to the finals.  State Farm donated $573,000 to charity based ont he amount of homers hit in the contest.

The starting pitchers for the 2010 mid-summer classic will be Colorado’s Ubaldo Jimenez (15-1) against Tampa’s David Price (12-4).  The AL has won or is unbeaten since 1996.

The Yanks meanwhile will hopefully take advantage of the break to rest up for the 2nd half.  Looking at 2008 and 2009 only 3 Yankees made the All-Star Squad in each of those years but in 2010 a total of 8 were named and 6 will actually suit up for the game, an impressive showing.  Also the Yanks enter the break with a 56-32 record versus 51-37 last year so a 5-game improvement.  And as we all know  the Yanks played their best ball last year after the break so here’s hoping the rest makes a difference.

Big Papi Led the Way in this year's HR Derby


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