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Aug 2 – Rating the Trade Deadline: Which New Yankee is Most Important?

(New York, NY) – So the Yanks made 3 moves at the deadline, getting Austin Kearns and Kerry Wood from Cleveland and Lance Berkman from Houston.  Which of the 3 will have the biggest impact for the Yanks as the stretch run begins?


4 Responses

  1. […] friend Tom of Friday Nite Yanks has a poll up asking Yankee fans which recent pickup they think will be most influential. […]

  2. Yes I agree! Kerry Wood can be a valuable piece in the bullpen. Lance Berkman will get his act together. Need to get settle down and hope Kevin Long make mechanical adjustments to swing. It is a culture shock coming from Texas to New York where every at bats is analyzed.

  3. Agreed. Cashman used the resources he had available to him very well. I think Kerry Wood has the largest ceiling here, so therefore I am more excited about his possibilities. But I think Berkman and Kearns can fill valuable spots on the roster in Aug-October.

  4. score another victory for brian cashman…he was able to acquire 3 veterans to strengthen the bench/bullpen…and the best part is that it didnt cost that much to do so…they gave up a few marginal prospects and flexed their financial muscle by taking on money…i think this team has everything that it needs in order to compete for championship #28…

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