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Oct 19 – Dire Straits: Yanks Pushed to the Brink with 10-3 Loss to Rangers

AJ Left in Too Long, Offense has Disappeared

(Bronx, NY) – Well it is a team effort, or lack thereof. As we saw the Yanks struggle down the stretch the various inconsistencies have shown up all over, again.  Only Cano is hitting (and to some degree Jeter) while the only pitcher that can hold his head up is Andy.  Last night, AJ actually gave 5 decent innings but as things usually do it unraveled int he 6th and while Joba was warming up for some reason Girardi left AJ in to pitch to Bengie Molina after intentionally walking lefty David Murphy.  First pitch in Molina crushed down the left field line for a 3-run shot and the Rangers never looked back.  Josh Hamilton banged 2 solo dingers, Nelson Cruz added a 2-run shot and the Yanks are on the brink of elimination in the ALCS, down 3 games to 1.

It started promising as Cano connected early with a somewhat controversial home run to right field with the Rangers claiming fan interference but the call was upheld.  And the Yanks battled out of a 2-2 tie with a run in the 4th before the fateful 6th inning.   From there the Rangers kept the pressure on tagging Logan and Joba for a run and Mitre for 3 for the second consecutive game of bullpen problems.

The rest of the offense has disappeared.  Tex has no hits in the series and left the game and likely the rest of the playoffs with a hamstring pull.  Thames has 5 K’s, Swisher is batting .067 and A-Rod is a cold .133.  It has all fallen apart and only CC can save the day with a solid CJ Wilson taking the hill for Texas in the afternoon game.

Jeter is calling all ghosts.

See Yanks-Rangers box score here.

2 Responses

  1. You never know. Don’t give up hope until the final out or loss is recorded.

  2. One Game at a time…I’d like to see this series get back to Texas at least…

    After 4 games though it seems like Texas deserves this one more- even with Lee aside they seem like hungrier team and are just playing better baseball then the Yankees.

    I thought AJ pitched alright and gave me exactly what I expected of him last night. Joe kept him in one batter too long. That is the situation that is screaming for a fresh arm especially with AJ’s struggles this season. An out there and we are looking at a 3-2 lead after 6. Granted you never know how the game would have turned out- with the Yanks bull pen so far this series Texas likely still would have won.

    With the way the offense is playing right now though- its not going to matter how well CC, Hughes and Andy do against this explosive lineup.

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