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Nov 10 – Golden Boys: Jeter, Cano, Tex Nab Golden Gloves

(New York, NY) – For Jeter it was his fifth while for Tex it was his fourth but for Robbie Cano it was his very first and all were happy.  Quite an accomplishment to see so much of the infield recognized.  Evan Longoria (3B) and Joe Maurer (C) rounded out the AL infield.  More to follow.


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  1. cant believe that jeter won a gold glove…what a crock…using UZR which is the most widely recognized defensive metric, jeter ranked 32 out of 35 ss qualifiers this season…i will grant you that he only had 6 errors this yr, but he only gets to balls that are hit right at him…elvis andrus by contrast was able to have many more balls turned into outs due to his superior range,,,the yanks need to ditch jeter, move arod to dh and get more athletic in the infield in order to help the pitching staff

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