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Nov 24 – Giving Thanks: Roundup Time

(New York, NY) – Been a little while so time to catch up on various items.  Comment on any or all but most of all give thanks to living in a great country!  For the past season it was a good one although the team came up short at the end of the regular season and lost the division and then in the ALCS to lose the pennant.  The Hot Stove league is officially open now.

  • The Yanks decided to pass on arbitration for all major names:  Wood, Jeter, Berkman, Mariano, Andy etc. but did decide to give it to Javy Vazquez
  • Josh Hamilton won the MVP with Robbie Cano coming in 3rd.  Congrats on a great season Robinson by far the team’s MVP last year.  Joey Votto won the for NL.
  • The Jeter negotiations have turned somewhat sour and look a little like an emerging soap opera with both sides taking their positions to the media.  Talk radio shows predicted this would never happen.  Those guys get paid a lot of money to be wrong.
  • Still no news on Pettitte other than he will not sign with any other team so it will be the Bombers or the golf course.
  • The Mets announced Terry Collins as their new manager.  He last managed a team in 1999.

One Response

  1. Hopefully the Jeter thing gets cleared up sooner rather than later and the Yanks can get busy looking at next year and building a team.

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