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Feb 1 – Return To Glory: Which One Makes It? (if any)

(New York, NY) – With more snow on it’s way, this poll is to while away the hours.  The Yanks have signed a few former stars to minor league deals with incentives if they make the big club.  So which do you think will actually play (first, if at all) in the Bronx this year?


5 Responses

  1. […] this month, Tom of Friday Nite Yanks posted a poll about who most people expected to play in the Bronx in 2011. It doesn’t surprise me that Freddy Garcia won the poll out of the other […]

  2. Sorry to see Andy go. A true Yankee Legend indeed! Even tho Matt Nokes would crush him in a game of Knifey Spooney.
    What’s up with Cashman not being able to close deals and buy some quality players? Why are we praying to baby Jesus, 6 pack abs Jesus, Allah and chubby Buddha for washed up players to resurrect their careers? The Yankees are not meant to step down to the level of the Inferior 29!!! Uncertainty is unsettling!!!

  3. I think Freddy Garcia have the best chance to make the club. The fifth spot I am uncertain with the competition between Sergio Mitre, Ivan Nova, Andrew Brackman and Bartolo Colon.

  4. According to the Post…Pettitte is going to announce his retirement tomorrow…

    Big Game Andy can be summed up in two words….YANKEE LEGEND….

  5. I would think Garcia would have the best chance- but if Prior was able to resurrect his career that would be amazing. Wood has been able to change over to a reliever and extend a once promising career so all hope might not be gone for him.

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