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Frustrating Friday: Yanks Fall to Toronto 5-3

Offense Fails to Convert Several Chances, Garcia Takes First Loss

(Bronx, NY) – The Bombers got their usual long ball but the two solo shots by Robinson Cano were not enough to combat the Blue Jays.  Garcia was not sharp but still left the team in position to pull it out after he left after 5 innings.  But David Robertson turned a pickoff play into a rally for Toronto when he sailed a throw to 2nd base into the outfield and the Jays posted 2 runs in the sixth inning that proved to be the difference.  The Yanks had the bases loaded several times but could not get the run in from 3rd and that was it.  Solid relief from Joba, Caryle and Logan was a good sign but the Yanks only put together 7 scattered hits and fell to 14-9 on the season.  

For the Friday Night Yanks, Tom and Brendan made their first appearance of the season to join Emmett while visitors from WCSU’s Soccer team (Kate, Lindsey, Felicia and Jamie) joined them.    We also got to see Michelle’s engagement ring (from Emmett).  Congrats to them!

See Yanks-Toronto box score here.


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