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News Roundup

(Bronx, NY) – There is never a lack of news in baseball, the sporting world or the Yanks.  The Yanks will take on the Royals for the 2nd of a 3-game set tonight but here is a brief look at various news items:

  • Phil Hughes is set to start throwing again.  Still not sure what the velocity problem is attributed to but we can hope for the best.  Almost a month on the DL now.
  • Long time NY Daily News cartoonist, Bill Gallo, passes away at the age of 88.  He was a great one.
  • After 49 years of service, Yankee trainer Gene Monahan announced he will retire after the season is over.  He deserves it and will be missed!
  • Rafael Soriano will have an MRI done on his elbow in an attempt to figure out why he is in pain.
  • Jeter has gone from cold to hot.  Jeter is hitting .406 (13-for-32) with two home runs and four RBI during the streak, lifting his average from .242 to .283.
  • Eric Chavez (foot) hopes to return from the DL in early June.

Why K is used for a strikeout in Baseball

(New York, NY) – Section 430’s very own James K. has come up with some baseball trivia that all will find interesting.

The use of the last letter of Struck instead of the first to denote a strikeout dates back to when Henry Chadwick developed the box score in the late 1850’s. Chadwick often used the last letter instead of the first, especially if he considered that letter to be the more prominent one in the word. Chadwick said “the letter K in struck is easier to remember in connection with the word, than S.” He also used L for Foul and D for Catch on Bound. Only the K survived into the 20th Century.

Source: Paul Dickson’s The New Dickson Baseball Dictionary and Alan Schwarz’s The Numbers Game.

The common view that the K was used because the S was taken (by Sacrifice, Stolen Base, or Single) appears to be erroneous.

Read more at this link here.

Source:  Wiki Answers.

Top 50 Bombers: One List to Consider

(New York, NY) – ESPN NY came up with an interesting list and montage of the 50 greatest Yankees.  One can debate a few of them (I struggle with Dave Winfield at #28) but this post is for you to see it and of course comment as you wish.

Click Here to See ESPN List of the 50 Greatest Yankees.

Value Proposition: Yanks Now Worth $1.7B as a Franchise

#1 again for 14th straight year

(New York, NY) – No matter how you look at it, its a lot of hot dogs and cracker jacks.  See this excerpt on the value of the franchise as well as this excerpt from Yahoo Sports:

Yankee Global Enterprises is a three-engine money-making machine. The baseball team generated $325 million in revenue from regular-season tickets and luxury suites in 2010. Sponsorship revenue at the stadium is $85 million annually thanks to deals with PepsiCo, Bank of America, MasterCard, Delta Air Lines and others.

The YES Network, the team’s 34 percent-owned regional sports channel, is the most profitable RSN in the country and had over $400 million in revenue last year. The Yankees own a stake in Legends Hospitality Management, which manages stadiums, and generates $25 million in operating income. The enterprise value for the Yankees, YES and Legends is $5.1 billion.

See full article courtesy of Yahoo Sports here.

Back to the Future: Even Then Uecker Knew

The Legendary Bob Uecker Was a Prophet

(New York, NY) – Well it seemed like only yesterday but it was way back in 1989 when the class baseball film ‘Major League’ was introduced.  In it a future star was born, Charlie Sheen as the enigmatic Ricky Vaughn, the original Wild Thing pitcher.  Fast forward 22 years and the famous actor was fired from his hit show ‘Two and a Half Men’ climaxing weeks of rants and crazy behavior.  But click the clip below for a smile and memories of the famous Bob Uecker line ‘Just a bit outside’ describing Vaughn’s first pitch.  And catch how he describes the pitcher in the off season too.


ESPN Special: Disecting Mariano’s Cutter

Excellent Video Piece on Mo and his Cutter

(New York, NY) – We’ve watched Mo for years and marvel as to why he is so effective and how he can get by with one pitch.  This excellent video from ESPN explains it all.  It is must see for all Yankee fans but baseball fans as well.

The Science of Mariano’s Cutter.   Click Here.

Jan 8 – Boss Remembered: Yankees put Steinbrenner statue at spring complex

Re-Post Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

TAMPA, Fla. (AP)—The New York Yankees have put a statue of former owner George Steinbrenner at the team’s spring training complex.

The 600-pound, life-size bronze statue was put on a marble stand Friday at the entrance of the ballpark named for Steinbrenner, who died at 80 in July. The 6-foot statue, on a 3-foot granite pedestal, is identical to one in the lobby of new Yankee Stadium.

A formal ceremony is scheduled to take place before the Yankees’ spring training opener against the Phillies on Feb. 26.

The statue has Steinbrenner in a suit and wearing the 2009 World Series championship ring, the last of the seven titles won by the Yankees under his ownership.