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And Then There Were 2: Posada Not Likely To Return as a Yankee

The Core Four Down to Mo and Jeter

(New York, NY) – Jorge Posada was very vocal the other day saying it is highly unlikely he will return to the Yankees bringing to an end a great career in pinstripes for the catcher.    He also was not sure if he would pursue playing for another team and needed time to figure it all out.  He has reached out to Bernie Williams who went through the same process when he was not contacted by the Yanks a few years back and #51 gave Jorge his advice.  Cast your Vote if you think Posada will ‘retire’ or play for another team.


Hit Parade: What Type Will Jeter Hit for the Milestone?

(New York, NY) – While the big question on everyone’s mind is when will the Captain hit the famous 3,000 hit (and can he do it at home) FNY will ask a different question:  What type of hit will it be?  Why?  Why not.

MVOS Poll: Which Off-Season Signing Has Been Most Valuable So Far?

(New York, NY) – The off-season signings continue to shine and somewhat carry the Yanks.  They’ve pretty much all been good to date.  It’s only one month in but using April’s contributions which of the group has been the Most Valuable So Far?

By The Numbers: Who Was the Best to Wear #5

(New York, NY) – A simple poll.  Cast your vote and make your comments.  Its a little tough as the list is an interesting one.  All Hall of Famers, some power hitters, some great defense.  One still playing so at a little disadvantage.


Best No. 5 ever: DiMaggio, Bench, Pujols, Brett, Robinson, Greenberg, Boudreau, Bagwell

Feb 1 – Return To Glory: Which One Makes It? (if any)

(New York, NY) – With more snow on it’s way, this poll is to while away the hours.  The Yanks have signed a few former stars to minor league deals with incentives if they make the big club.  So which do you think will actually play (first, if at all) in the Bronx this year?

Jan 2 – Hall of Fame Ballot 2011

(New York, NY) – Here are a few of the notables on this year’s ballot.  Vote for as many as you wish in your view that should enter the Hall.  Comments welcome as well.

Nov 12 – Captain Quest: How Long to Sign Jeter for?

(New York, NY) –  Time to poll your thoughts on how long the Yanks will sign Derek Jeter for?  This poll is for the eventual signed contract, not what you would like to see.  Feel free to add those thoughts in the comments!